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The official podcast of, the GWJCC is our way of providing a podcast that feels like you are hanging out with friends after a long day in the office. We strive for smart, in-depth discussions about the latest games and gaming-related news, as well as light, playful tangents. We're always thrilled to talk about the new hotness, explore fun and strange indie gems, and revisit games old and new.
Episode 126 - March 11th, 2009

Empire: Total War, GTA IV: The Lost & Damned, Killzone 2, Matt Hazard, Special Guest Robert Ashley, Gaming Culture, A Lif Well Wasted, Getting Into the Game Industry, Your Emails and more!

This week we're very pleased to be joined by Robert Ashley, the man behind the sexy hot A Life Well Wasted podcast. We discuss gaming culture, the worst day of Robert's life and a great deal more. We also have a special audio answer from our own Sephirotic on game development schools and what to look for. If you want to submit a question or comment call in to our voicemail line at (612) 284-4563.

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