Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
The official podcast of, the GWJCC is our way of providing a podcast that feels like you are hanging out with friends after a long day in the office. We strive for smart, in-depth discussions about the latest games and gaming-related news, as well as light, playful tangents. We're always thrilled to talk about the new hotness, explore fun and strange indie gems, and revisit games old and new.

This week Allen, Sean Sands, Julian and Shawn talk about what a one game future might look like.

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This week the fantastic Kate Craig joins the crew to talk about the Film Noir genre in gaming and lots more!  

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Live from PAX East 2014! Shawn, Elysium, Julian and Cory are joined by Ken Levine and Elena Siegman for their 'Gamers With Jobs Saves Gaming' panel.

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This week Shawn, Elysium and Julian get caught up on emails!

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This week Cory, Sean Sands and Graham Rowat talk about game clones!

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