Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
The official podcast of, every week the guys discuss the latest games, issues affecting the industry and more! This is THE gaming podcast for mature gamers.

Amanda, Rich, Glendon, are joined by Aaron Amendola to talk Banana Dogs, odd-couples, and mash-ups; some of our picks for unlikely pairs.

Games: Project Triangle Strategy Demo (Switch), The Good Time Garden (PC), Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, Suzerain, Destiny: Trials Of Osiris and Presage Quest (PS5/PC).

Curtain Call: The High School Theatre RPG
The GWJ Cocktails Thread - Posted by MilkmanDanimal

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Listener Question Lightning Round! Amanda, Rich, and Glendon talk games, questions, and more.


Games: Valheim (PC), Bowser’s Fury (Switch, Suzerain (PC), Empire of Sin (PS5).

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The crew talks current games, funny gaming moments, and a sample of our Hitman 3 Deep Dive!

Games: Valheim (PC), Dice Throne Season 1, 2, Adventures (Tabletop Game), Red Dead 2 Online (PS5), Rift Breaker (Steam Demo), Potion Craft (Steam Demo).

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Shawn, Sean, and Allen go deep on Hitman 3 by IO Interactive.

GWJ Deep Dive content may venture into spoiler territory for some. Listen at your own discretion, and enjoy!

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Amanda and Glendon chat with Lara Crigger regarding stocks, reddit, and social unrest while Rich catches up with the rest of the crew about games.

Games: Dyson Sphere Program (PC), Gordian Quest (PC), Resident Evil VIIIage: Maiden Demo (PS5), Gears of War 5 (PC).


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