Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
The official podcast of, the GWJCC is our way of providing a podcast that feels like you are hanging out with friends after a long day in the office. We strive for smart, in-depth discussions about the latest games and gaming-related news, as well as light, playful tangents. We're always thrilled to talk about the new hotness, explore fun and strange indie gems, and revisit games old and new.

Amanda, Rich, Glendon, and Aaron are joined by special guest Chris O'Regan from Cane & Rinse to talk about Games Preservation.

Games: Resident Evil: Village Demo, Before Your Eyes, Immortals: Fenyx Rising (PS5), Spire (TTRPG), Twilight Imperium 4th edition (Boardgame), Nintendo Land (Switch), Hand of Fate 2 (PC).

Chris O'Regan Twitter | Twitch | Cane & Rinse - The Sausage Factory 


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Amanda and Rich are joined by video game voice-over artist, producer and actor Daryl Lathon to discuss What makes a great supporting character.

Games: FIFA 2021(PS4), F1 2019 (PS4),Trials of Fire (PC), and Siege of Avalon: Anthology (PC).

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon talk about taboos and gaming.

Games: Trials of Fire (PC), Cozy Grove (Switch), Risk of Rain 2 (PC), Outriders (PC). 

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Amanda, Rich, and Glendon talk about spoilers and the people who love them.

Games: Outriders (PC), Dorfromantik (PC), Disco Elysium Final Cut (PC) Dark Souls 2 (PS5).

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Amanda and Rich are joined by GWJ Twitch streamer Josh aka "Seu" to discuss the many plot twists of Zaum Studio's Disco Elysium.

GWJ Deep Dive content ventures into spoiler territory. Listen at your own discretion, and enjoy!

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