Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
The official podcast of, every week the guys discuss the latest games, issues affecting the industry and more! This is THE gaming podcast for mature gamers.

This week Cory, Julian, Elysium and Shawn talk a bunch of games and answer your emails.

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This week Allen and Rob Zacny join Shawn to talk a bunch of new games and where Skyrim falls short. Karla also hops in for a segment to talk about Zelda: Skyward Sword!

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This week Shawn, Julian and Elysium are joined by both Justin McElroy and Jeff Cannata! Lots of Skyrim talk and thoughts on what to do when the trilogies have run their course. 

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This week David Heron joins Shawn, Julian, Cory and Lara to talk about Uncharted 3, whether games deserve introspection and much more!

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This week we talk Battlefield 3 and Rocksmith for games. There's two spoiler sections this week! 

Batman: Arkham City 56:00 to 1:15

Dragon Age 2: Mark of The Assassin (and other DA2 stuff) 1:15:00 to 1:42:00

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