Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
The official podcast of, the GWJCC is our way of providing a podcast that feels like you are hanging out with friends after a long day in the office. We strive for smart, in-depth discussions about the latest games and gaming-related news, as well as light, playful tangents. We're always thrilled to talk about the new hotness, explore fun and strange indie gems, and revisit games old and new.

This week Sean Sands, Julian and Shawn talk building coasters, multiple game endings and more!

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Shawn, Elysium and Julian go deep on Dishonored 2.

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Dishonored 2, Tyranny, STEEP Open Beta, Planet Coaster, Google Earth VR, Overwatch Updates, Creating a Sense of Wonder, Your Emails and More!

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This week Sean Sands and Julian talk about playing in an evil world in video games. Can't imagine why.

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The ... Heist?

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This week Shawn, Amanda, Greg Decker and Karla talk about breaking away from multiplayer game communities.

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