Gamers With Jobs - Conference Call
The official podcast of, the GWJCC is our way of providing a podcast that feels like you are hanging out with friends after a long day in the office. We strive for smart, in-depth discussions about the latest games and gaming-related news, as well as light, playful tangents. We're always thrilled to talk about the new hotness, explore fun and strange indie gems, and revisit games old and new.

Amanda, Rich, and Glendon are joined by guest Rob Parker to discuss what games show to us about ourselves, how they reveal things about the player, and which games we personally find illuminating.

Games: Monster Hunter: Rise (PS5), Vaporum: Lockdown (PC), Becastled (PC), Madden 2021 (PC Gamepass), Conscious Existence - A Journey Within (Index VR).

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Amanda, Rich, Aaron, and Lara talk about revisiting classics. Also: Kiss, Marry, or Kill... but make it video games.

Games: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney (Switch), Breath of the Wild (Switch), DQ3 (Switch), Avengers DLC (PS5), Fortnite season 6 (PS5), Outward (PS5).

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Amanda, Rich, Aaron, and Glendon talk games, your emails, the weather, and more!

Games: Hellish Quart (PC), Loop Hero (PC/PC adjacent), Maquette (PC), Game Dev Story (Ps4/5).

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Shawn, Allen, and Amanda talk games, spend some time in Valheim, and discuss your emails!

Games: Super Mario 3D World (Switch), Bowser’s Fury (Switch), Loop Hero (PC), Valheim (PC), Hellish Quart (PC).

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Amanda, Aaron, and Rich chat about dialogue trees in video games.


Games: Curse of the Dead Gods (Switch), Persona 5 (PS5), Urtok: The Desolation (PC), Bowser’s Fury (Switch), Gunfire Reborn (PC), Outriders (PC, PS5).

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